Sustainable Energy in Canada icon is a free online resource created to help Canadian home and property owners utilize natural resources to produce energy, as well as to help them use and manage their energy sustainably.

Our ultimate vision to to create a Global Sustainable Energy System – that is a globally connected energy system which does not interfere with nature’s inherent ability to sustain life.

Sustainable Energy Maps

Solar Energy Map Canada

Solar Energy

Solar energy potential maps (kWh/kW/yr). View Page…

Geothermal Power Map Canada

Geothermal Power

Geothermal power potential map (mW/m³). View…

Wind Speed Map Canada

Wind Speed

Wind speed map (m/s). View…

EV Charging Station Map

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Map Canada

All level 1, 2, and DCFast EV charging stations in Canada. View Page…

Most Popular Pages

Solar Rankings Canada

Provincial Solar Guides

Complete solar power guides for every province and territory in Canada. Read more…

Cost of Solar Power Canada 2019

Cost of Solar

Cost of installing a solar system per Watt for every province and territory. Read more…

Solar Comparison Charts

Overall Provincial Solar Rankings

Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency Incentives Canada

Solar Irradiation and Energy Use Canada

Electricity and Solar Setup Fees Canada

Solar Cost Financing and Installer Access

Cost of Solar Power Canada 2019

Variable and Fixed Electricity Costs Canada

Solar Energy Production Potential Canada

Solar and Energy Financing Options Canada

Smart Energy

Energy Smart Home

Energy Smart Home

Smart technologies for using and managing energy more efficiently. Read More…

Energy Smart City

Energy Smart City

What makes a city smart when it comes to energy? Read More…

Responsible Consumption and Production

Energy Smart People

Your turn. Take action towards energy sustainability. Read More…

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Well thought out, as far as it goes. Why concentrate on solar only? Do you have a political “axe to grind” against hydro, wind generators, biomass digestion, etc., Which are also considered “sustainable energy” sources? I think you have already made up your mind that since the sun is virtually, by our time scale at least, immortal, all the others “pale”, pun intended, by comparison. Is that it? Well?

Unrivaled Solar

very informative post.

doug mcdonell

Where’s hydro?