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Our Reason For Being

Energyhub.org LogoA breathtaking view, a heartfelt embrace, a life changing idea – life’s sweetest moments are defined by our connection with the world around us. The more connected we are as humans, the more we begin to feel and care, while our capacity to do harm is reduced.

The purpose of energyhub.org is to facilitate these connections between people – be it to the information they seek, the environment where they live, the people who surround them, or the meaning of life itself.


Our mission is to create a Global Sustainable Energy System by integrating and consulting every energy industry stakeholder while providing the world’s most useful and comprehensive Distributed Energy Resource information for consumers.


Global Sustainable Energy System

A globally connected energy system which does not interfere with nature’s inherent ability to sustain life.
Based on 9 core characteristics:

Decentralized Energy


Infrastructure is owned by the people who use it.

Intelgrated Energy


An electron in Canada responds to a storm in the Atlantic.

Dependable Energy


The grid goes down when the sun burns out.

Democratized Energy


Buyers choose where their energy comes from.

Sustainable Energy


Energy is clean and infrastructure is green.

Trustworthy Energy


Transactions are secure, transparent, and immediate.

Intelligent Energy


Every unit of energy maximizes its own potential.

Fair Energy


Sellers earn market price for the energy they produce.

Affordable Energy


Abundant energy and DERs are accessible to all.

Major Milestones

  • Solar Panel Power Canada Officially Launches (May 2018)
  • #1 Most visited solar information website* in Saskatchewan (June 2018)
  • #1 Most visited solar information website in Nova Scotia (July 2018)
  • #1 Most visited solar information website in Prince Edward Island (September 2018)
  • #1 Most visited solar information website in Alberta (October 2018)
  • #1 Most visited solar information website in Ontario (December 2018)
  • Energyhub.org Officially Launches (January 2019)

*Claimed when ~33% of all related Google searches land on energyhub.org and/or solarpanelpower.ca.


Energyhub.org approaches the energy industry from a systems-thinking perspective, providing services for every industry stakeholder from governments to installers and every participant in-between. Our work reflects a bias towards connectivity and interdependence, ensuring long term sustainability for our clients in the interconnected energy market.

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Installation Partners

When it comes to our installer-homeowner connections, energyhub.org works with only a select handful of top-rated, local energy installers across the country. Each provider is meticulously chosen and has all of the following qualifications:

Highly Trusted

  • Verified Google Business Listing
  • Verified Facebook Business Page
  • At least 5 Positive Facebook/Google Reviews
  • 4.5+ Average Rating on Google and Facebook
  • BBB, CanSIA, or B Corporation registered*

Superior Reliability

  • Human-Answered Phone Number
  • Email Reply In Less Than 24 Hours
  • User Friendly Website With Real Project Photos
  • Physical Business Location
  • In Business For 3+ Years

*Special preference is given to Certified B Corporations and energy providers with GRI-compliant CSR reports.

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Team & Contact

Rylan Urban
Rylan Urban, Founder
LinkedIn | Twitter

Rylan graduated in 2017 from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Science in Toxicology and a minor in Entrepreneurship. He is currently completing his Master of Science in Sustainability Management at the University of Toronto (expected 2020).

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