Cash Incentive Program

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The Cash Incentive Program is open to eligible Canadian residents who purchase and install a solar power system, 5 kW or larger, from one of our strictly qualified installers within 5 years of requesting a free estimate on our website* (see full terms and conditions at the bottom of this page).

The value of the Cash Incentive Program is always equal to the number of years that Canada has been an independent country. This year, Canada is turned 152 and thus the incentive is $152!


How The Cash Incentive Program Works

Solar Panel Power Canada Rebate
Estimates Include 3D Home Modeling.

1. Request A Free Estimate

The process begins when you request a free estimate on our website, we will then connect you with a top-rated installer in your geographic area. They will put together your cost and savings estimates, or contact you for further information if needed.

2. Install Your Solar System

After you’ve reviewed your estimate, you can then decide to hold, pass, or purchase – there’s no obligation. For some homeowners, investing in a solar system is a great way to save money while benefiting the planet too!

Solar Production Estimate Rebate
Remember, You Have 5 Years to Install!

Solar Rebate After Installation
This System is 5 kW.

3. Claim Your Cash Incentive

Simply email a photo of your system, or a photo of your signed installation agreement, to [email protected] We will then send you $152 via e-transfer or cheque within ten business days.


And that’s it! The Cash Incentive is meant to be simple and straightforward – just like the rest of our website.