Partnership Opportunities is actively seeking partnership opportunities in the sustainable energy industry across Canada, and currently offer services to some segments. We are particularly interested in partnering with energy-services businesses, industry associations, and government entitites.

Our Reach attracts over 15,000 monthly organic visitors to its website. These are primarily property owners seeking energy-related services (electricians, solar installers, home builders, etc) across all 13 provinces and territories.

We offer various sponsorship and affiliate opportunities to reach our audience and are constantly seeking new content and tools to share with them.

Our Reach

Our Network

Our Network is currently connected with energy-services business serving all provinces and territories, and has connections with municipalities, universities, environmental groups, and many other stakeholders across the country.

We are open to solicitation for leveraging our network connections in mutually beneficial ways.

Our Expertise was once a marketing agency for sustainable businesses and still offers related services today. These include website design, online advertising, and marketing strategy.

Today, we’re better known as a consumer reference source for sustainable energy technologies. Our extensive market and policy knowledge allows us to offer research, strategy, and consulting services to various stakeholders.

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