Sustainable Solar Energy Marketing Services

This year, will attract more than 250,000 Canadians to its website. Positioned as an industry leader in consumer-end DER information, partnering with offers a significant opportunity to position your brand and grow your business.

Solar Leads Canada

Every day, interested homeowners from across the country request installation estimates on our website. The information they provide is ultimately given to a single qualified solar installer serving their specific geographic location.

Each provider is meticulously chosen and has all of the following qualifications:

Highly Trusted

  • Verified Google Business Listing
  • Verified Facebook Business Page
  • At least 5 Positive Facebook/Google Reviews
  • 4.5+ Average Rating on Google and Facebook
  • BBB, CanSIA, or B Corporation registered*

Superior Reliability

  • Human-Answered Phone Number
  • Email Reply In Less Than 24 Hours
  • User Friendly Website With Real Project Photos
  • Physical Business Location
  • In Business For 3+ Years

*Special preference is given to Certified B Corporations and energy providers with GRI-compliant CSR reports.

Sponsorship Opportunities

If there’s one thing that we’re good at – it’s reaching people. This year, will attract 250,000 Canadian property owners to its site, many of which are highly educated and interested in a position to purchase sustainable energy technologies.

We offer strategic brand placements intended to position and differentiate your brand as a market leader with our educational platform.

Site Sponsor (Front Page)

Site sponsors have their logo visible on our home page, along with a direct link to their website. The current rate for site sponsorship is $500/yr.

Provincial Solar Guides (Top op Page)

Provincial Solar Guide sponsors will have one of their installation photos visible at the very top of one of our Provincial Solar Guides, along with a small description and a direct link to their website. Companies may only be the top sponsor for one province. The yearly sponsorship prices are listed below:

  • ON – $725
  • BC – $400
  • SK – $375
  • AB – $325
  • NS – $200
  • MB – $175
  • QC – $125
  • NB – $100
  • PE – $75
  • NL – $50
  • YT – $50
  • NT – $50
  • NU – $50

Provincial Solar Guides (Middle of Page)

We also have one sponsorship opportunity near the middle of each provincial solar guide. Companies will have one of their installation photos visible, along with a small description and a direct link to their website. Companies may only be the middle sponsor for one province. The yearly price is 1/3rd of the prices shown above.

CRO Marketing

We offer a collection of conversion rate optimization (CRO) services perfectly crafted to help your organization generate more sales from existing traffic online.

Remarketing & Retargeting

  • From $150/mo

From the Huffington Post to iPhone Apps to Facebook – your ads follow customers everywhere. The single most effective way to increase conversion, generate leads, and keep your brand front of mind. We deliver your company to targeted homeowners – both at home and on the go.

Premium Website Hosting

  • From $25/mo

Website page loading speed is not only one of the main ranking factors for search engines, it also has a significant affect on your visitor to lead conversion rates. High speed and secure website hosting also helps to boost your brand image and help you stand out among your competitors.

Social Proof Notifications

  • From $50/mo

Use the power of social networking to help your visitors connect with your brand, increase their time on their site, and greatly increase the chance of them converting.


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