Interactive Energy, Climate, & Sustainability Tools

We’ve put together a small collection of interactive tools to better allow you explore the energy and climate systems in Canada and beyond.

Google Environmental Insights

Google’s Environmental Insights Explorer allows you to view building emissions, solar rooftop potential, transportation emissions, and climate data via interactive maps. Currently available for select cities only.

Prairie Climate Centre

The Prairie Climate Centre has created two interactive tools that allows citizens, researchers, businesses, and community and political leaders to learn about climate change in Canada.

Google Earth Voyager

Google Earth is the world’s most detailed globe. It’s also full of guided and interactive content on climate change impacts, ecosystems, sea-level rise, and much more. Requires Google Chrome browser to operate.

Other Interactive Tools

Click on an image below to view every electric vehicle charging station in Canada, a simulated path to decarbonization created by, NASA climate maps, or the Global Ecological Footprint Calculator.

Want To Explore More?

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